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Name: I generally go by Csilla or Celest online :P Yeah, I'm a loser.
Age: I'll be 17 in march.
Sex: I hear I'm a female.
Sexuality: Straight. Ish. :P
Star sign: Pisces. Fish. Fishy.
Religion: Mildly Satanist.

Music genre: Power metal. Aussie rock. :D
Bands: Within Temptation, Nightwish, Leaves' Eyes, Killing Heidi, Old Man's Child, Grinspoon, The Rasmus, Coal Chamber.
Movies: I don't know...
Books: Giants of the Frost by Kym Wilkins and the Man who Never sleeps.
Drink: Alcoholic. :D
Food: I think I'm addicted to Yiros, I had my first one the other week.
Color: To wear: Black. Otherwise... pale blue, blue greens, pale pink.
Outfit: That's a hard one to answer.
Do you do drugs or drink alcohol? I drink. Oh yes, I drink. And smoke.
What would you label yourself? Goth type I guess.
What is your view on abortion? Not for me, but I understand why people would.
What do people say about the way you dress? It's cool, it's interesting, it's different, it's black.

Do you wear spike bracelets? No.
Do you wear jelly bracelets? No.
Do you wear converse? Fuck no.
Do you wear black platform boots? At 175cm... I don't need the extra height.
Do you wear black nailpolish? I don't wear nail polish... can't be screwed.
Do you wear chokers? Every now and again.
Do you wear lock necklaces? Nope.
Does it take you five minutes or less to do your hair? Yeah, it's a little... short.
Do you wear lots of eyeliner? Yeps.
Do you use a backpack or messenger bag? Messanger bag? I don't know what that is. Nope.
Do you wear darker colors? Yes.
Do you wear neon colors? No/
Do you wear 'whats in' or stick with your old jeans? With my velvet skirts.
Do you wear sweatshirts and jeans? No.
Do you wear knee socks? When I wear knee high boots, yes.

Do you have character shoe laces? No.
Do you have drumstixx but dont play? Do you have guitar pics but dont play? No...
How many piercings do you have? Eight, I think.
How many tattoos do you have? None. Yet.

Is the volume on anything that plays music in your house really loud? Yes.
Do you stay up late to watch Invader Zim? What's that?
When a song comes on you like do you rock out? In my own way.
Do you push buttons multiple times? Yes and no.
Do you draw with white out on a lot of stuff? I can't stand the smell.
Do you color your nails with sharpies? What's that?
Do you sit there listening to songs and relate the lyrics to your life? Sure.
Do you pick one song and learn all the lyrics? Sometimes.
Do you daydream a lot? Yes.
Are you distracted by shiny objects? Sure, I guess.
Do you know where every sharp object is in your house? Up to a certain point, yes.
Do you cut or burn yourself for pain or pleasure? Sure.
Do you have more guy then girl friends? I don't know if the guys are really guys. Hell, I don't know if the girls are really girls.
Do you play with lighters? Fire..... pretty fire...

D0 Y0U WANT T0 ...
Be in a mosh pit? Yes.
Runaway from home? Kinda.
Make out with someone from a band? Hells yes.
Buy out Hot Topic? What's that?
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Where Do I Start?

So this “straight boy” who’s using me as an experiment is now getting to me big time…and not in a good way. He’s the one who asked me out and like dude…what the fuck now? I never said he should like fall head over heels. Everything is just going out of control. Am I even making sense? Anyways…fuck it! He expects me to text him when he feels fit…then I do after a week of not speaking to him…He comes back with a I don’t care message…What the fuck is up with that up? Today I get a message with the song Why – Avril Lavigne dedicated to this fucking straight/bi situation that we are in. I don’t even know how to feel…I don’t even have a crush on him…why did I say yes in the first place? Well I did think he was kinda cutish in the beginning now all of that’s like gone. Maybe I’m just immune to love. But that can’t be cause I do love someone and I will do anything for them…So what do I make of the situation? I don’t even know when our 1 month anniversary is...I think it’s passed. But fuck now I’m listening to this damn song and thinking to myself, this guy has fallen in love with me….HELLLLLP…..It’s not suppose to be this way. I love someone else…dearly.

Maybe I should just call it quits! I think it’s over…Yeah it’s definitely OVER!

Later x

NB: The clovers there for a reason. *wink*

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I knew this kid named Alberto
Funny style cat
And his girl looked like a turtle
Not Lisa Turtle, just a turtle
High school track
He ran the hurdle
His peers shed tears senior year when he got murdered
Now Alberto was your average A student
Participated in class,
Never came late
And never truant
His family was picture perfect
His older sister was prom queen
His dad a decorated vet from the Vietnam team
His mother was Dear Abby,
An ordinary house wife
Like clockwork, always had dinner on the table at 5
But Alberto had a monster he kept under his bed
Instead of letting it out,
He just got a girlfriend instead
She knew something was funny
Shecould tell by his behavior
Or the way he flamboyantly shook his hand
When he would wave to her
She thought nothing of it
And just shoved it in the closet
Until the day that word dripped out like leaky faucet
Alberto was homosexual
I ain't have nothing against it
But little Ronnie Johnson and all his football player friends did
They'd always pick and nag
Call him "fag" and such and such
And couldn't wait to get to gym so they could really bust his nuts
The gym teacher never cared
He'd just join in on the action
He'd make silly gestures
And compared him to Micheal Jackson
Alberto couldn't take it
He'd just stop showing up and whenever he walked them halls
He just felt like throwin' up
And night he would cry and cry and ask "God why?"
Like "God, why the fuck'd I have to be born this way?"
God would reply, "Son, you've gotta show 'em you're more than gay"
Cause he had dreams to be a track star
Until that warm April night
Them gay jokes went way too far
Ronnie begged for his forgiveness
And invited him to a party
Cause his parents went away
And left him plenty of Bacardi
Alberto kindly accepted
He was finally accepted
Except it was all deception
And left them all unprotected
It was a plan Ronnie had scammed
To get him in the right place
Verbally degrade and rearrange his pretty face
The plan would go swiftly
They started calling him sissy
One punch turned into fifty
They beat him till he was dizzy
Now Alberto lie in blood
While his peers look on in fear
He took his last breath
And passed away his senior year

Needless to say
It was one big tragedy
And how was Ronnie gonna explain to his family,
While they were on vacation taking in sights
He got wasted and killed a kid that night

Don't be a slave and behave the way they do,
Just utilize the gifts that God gave you [x4]

I knew this girl named Maria
Bright and talented
With aspirations to be a
Big superstar
What a great idea
Until she fell off and started to listening to her peers
Oh dear!
Now Maria was your typical obnoxious
Analytical head strong rebel
Flippin' off the principal
Single mother home structure
She looked after baby brother
While mom worked two jobs
Just to buy supper
Pops was a struggling musician
Troubled man,
Juggling family and heroin addiction
He overdosed and left a notice of eviction
And a crate of records on the table in the kitchen
And a little angel with a keen sense of sound
Who saw silence in the records she found
And she would stay up late at night
Reciting songs to herself
Under pale moonlight
Righting wrongs that her pops made,
Promised her mom she'd never go that same route
Turns out
Carrie Anne had other plans
Her and her man Ronnie most popular,
Second best to nobody
Homecoming queen versus ugly duckling
And the story ends the same way
Ok, Ronnie's parents went away for a couple of days
And told him "No Drinking"
What the fuck were they thinking?
Maria was oblivious that her boyfriend had already been invited
So when Carrie Anne asked
She got all excited
Like "damn now I got something to look forward to"
Or so she thought
Maria kindly accepted,
Except it was all bullshit
Not pay attention,
Carrie Anne hated Maria cause she could sing
So she scored a bag of heroin
But the craziest thing was
Maria never touched drugs, she did that night
And when her man was getting beat
She was nowhere in sight
Now her boyfriend lie in blood
And she had no idea
Alberto passed away and she got hooked her senior year
Needless to say
It was one one big tragedy
And I hate to break it but
It doesn't end happily
A warm day in May,
The sky was so beautiful
Carrie Anne died in a crash leaving the funeral
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It's Been A While...

So I haven't updated in a while but like I haven't had much time...anyways I fucking dig this song..check it out..it's by Busted some UK band called 'Meet You There'..and yes it is dedicated to someone...*wink* wouldn't you love to know...

Oh shit I forgot I got this really cool e-mail program...called incredimail...want it? go to

I'm waiting
For the perfect time to call you back
Cos' I remember saying
Don't wanna know the truth
Can't handle that

And I try to (and I try to)
Just forget you (just forget you)
But don't know how
If only I knew


It's written all over your face
Such a painful thing to waste
Tell me now where do we go?
Now the future's not so clear
I can't believe we've ended here
Where's the world that doesn't care?
Maybe I could meet you there

I'm sorry
If I slagged you down, I meant no harm
When I heard the stories
Said things I didn't mean
Should have stayed calm

Got angry
And it breaks my heart
You're so mad at me


It's written all over your face
Such a painful thing to waste
Tell me now where do we go?
Now the future's not so clear
I can't believe we've ended here
Where's the world that doesn't care?
Maybe I could meet you there

Maybe I could meet you there
Maybe I could meet you there

It's written all over your face
Such a painful thing to waste
Tell me now where do we go?
Now the future's not so clear
I can't believe we've ended here
Where's the world that doesn't care?
Maybe I could meet you there

Maybe I could meet you there
Maybe I should meet you there

What you guys think?
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lmfao.... i love watching girl fights... its so fuckin funny to watch these ppl who get so pissed at each other let their anger out by fighting.. i stood there jus watching them fight laughing as i stood at my locker cuz they are so caught up on their looks so if 1 calls the other an ugly whore then the flip out n start swinging arms attempting to hit the other even tho she was cornered... that was the funniest shit i seen all day...

n to top the day off kristy n tiff were pushing sarah around like she was in a mosh so she jus sat there getting pushed in wut ever direction she would b pushed.... well lets jus say the past 2 days we had fun cuz yesterday we tore down all the home coming decorations... well the streamers anyways... lol

yea i was having fun.... neways later.....
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